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Services & Pricing

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of quality in materials and workmanship. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and all our work is unconditionally guaranteed.

Move 7ft table          $250.00

Move 8ft table          $265.00

Move 8.5ft table       $275.00

Move 9ft table          $295.00

Move & recover 7ft          $475.00

Move & recover 8ft          $500.00

Move & recover 8.5ft       $535.00

Move & recover 9ft          $575.00

Recover 7ft table          $225.00

Recover 8ft table          $250.00

Recover 8.5ft table       $265.00

Recover 9ft table          $295.00

Recover 7ft w/Simonis          $350.00

Recover 8ft w/Simonis          $385.00

Recover 8.5ft w/Simonis       $399.00

Recover 9ft w/Simonis          $399.00

Replace rail rubber           $180.00

Move and assemble           $225.00

Disassemble and move       $200.00

Assemble                          $175.00

Disassemble                      $150.00

We use 21oz Championship cloth. We carry almost all of the colors of felt,  All other colors can be ordered and in within a week. Go to for cloth color chart

First 40 miles are included in the move or cover jobs. After 40 miles its 1.00 a mile. Stairway charge is 20.00 per stairway. We work 7 days a week except holidays.

Please call us so we can take care of all your pool table needs.

We also carry supplies for your pool table, cue chalk, hand chalk, cues, wall racks, floor racks, pockets, casters, and every tip you can think of for your cue.

Last but not least, we will rent a pool table out for parties. Inside only, 250.00 1st 24 hours, 50.00 each additional day.

Office 713-944-1109

John Hart 281-450-2785

Scarlett Hart 281-450-2785

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